The importance of water extraction of a wet carpet


Wet cleaning methods are the most common and probably the most effective for several reasons. Professional carpet cleaning is typically done by a factory truck that provides a powerful flushing jet at 250 degrees F. As well as an impressive suction force for quick drying of carpets.


Carpet drying time too long causes bacteria and even mold

review websitesYou can do this cleaning yourself with a rented machine. However, some tips will be helpful to those who opt for this solution. The most important thing is to ensure a drying time of less than 24 hours. Less than 12 hours being even better.

Carpet cleaning with water: the most effective

In summary, the cleaning is done by a shampoo whose composition varies and which can be brushed or not. Then, a jet of hot water strikes the carpet, rinses it and is sucked almost simultaneously by the cleaning tool connected to the machine by a suction hose. We are talking about wall-to-wall carpeting and not decorative carpets in the center of the room. This method is called steam carpet cleaning if the water is very hot or cleaning by extraction if the water is cold. Watch out for carpet drying time.

Limit carpet drying time

If a bad smell appears the time limit is exceeded

For an adequate drying time, it is necessary to obtain a clean carpet without soaking it. A carpet that is too wet will take more than 24 hours to dry. In this case, there is a high probability that mildew or mildew, bacteria and a bad odor will appear on or under the carpet. If you are caught with too long carpet drying time quickly install fans and a dehumidifier. Do not wait 24 hours before acting, if the carpet is soaked after a 12-hour carpet drying time, take action.

When carpet drying is not fast enough

Drying problems are the difficulty encountered most often by amateur carpet cleaners with small machines. Often as the effectiveness of the shampoo and the power of the machine are less, the person who does the cleaning will insist and iron several times on the carpet. The carpet will then be soggy.


In what way does the problem of drying time not present during a professional carpet cleaning? The power of cleaning equipment.   There are tips to avoid too long a drying time if you have to clean a carpet with a small machine. A carpet that is not dry after 24 hours causes the appearance of bacteria.

More cleaning power, faster carpet drying

The professional has effective products that act quickly on dirt. There is no need to completely wet the carpet for a good result. The professional equipment has a better suction which dries the carpet better when rinsing. The water heated by a factory truck is so hot that it evaporates largely during rinsing. Finally, the professional has rinsing solutions that prevent the appearance of a drying problem. To learn more visit our main page on carpet cleaning.




Watch the carpet drying time

If you need to wash your carpet with a small cleaner, here are the tips to avoid a drying problem: apply the shampoo or soap with a spray on the surface of the carpet and brush. The carpet must not be soaked. After brushing, allow 5 to 10 minutes and rinse with the warmest water possible. In the machine, ADD A LITTLE VINEGAR IN THE RINSE WATER.

A cleaning method for better carpet drying time

You can also weigh harder on the suction instrument and pass over the mat several times while vacuuming, but without holding the trigger for the water jet, engaged. The principle is to rinse once and suck two or three times by a movement back and forth. By pressing your instrument with your weight, you will have the effect of a carpet wringer forcing the water out.

Improve carpet drying time

Once your room is cleaned, brush the carpet so that the hairs are all well trained. The carpet will look nicer and will dry in less time with the fibers well placed. Finally, do not take a chance, install a fan that blows well to the floor on the carpet and leave a window open. If you are in the winter, heating up to 73°F will dry your carpet faster. The fan is essential especially in a damp place like a basement. You can rent a fan at the same time as the carpet machine.

If need water removal from your carpet, contact our water extraction experts in Little Rock for fast response!