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Disaster Preparedness Plan

An emergency water damage event can affect any residence or business property, the causes of which may range from a burst mains pipe to a full-scale natural flood or storm devastation. Having an emergency management strategy in place will help to mitigate the damage to your property or business, in addition, to ensure the greatest levels of health and safety for staff members and others that are on site. Using a disaster preparedness plan ready in advance can make a large difference to the outcomes both for the affected property and also for the health and safety of the people involved. In a commercial property, it is vital that roles are assigned, and that the company has a security officer on-site at all times, who will be trained to evaluate the situation and determine the correct course of action in the case a disaster strikes.

Emergency Management Strategy

Prevention and Mitigation

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Phases in Emergencies

There are usually five stages in an emergency, and each one plays an important role.

  1. Discovery and Notification: After a discovered event has the threat of turning into a disaster, the data should be immediately relayed to safety officials.
  2. Evaluate and Accident Control Initiation: Using the supplied advice the security officials will rapidly assess the seriousness of the threat and commence the best response.
  3. Containment and Counter Measures: The first action taken is to control the water damage and eliminate the threat of further problems. Response teams also take measured steps to limit the damage to property, persons, and the environment.
  4. Cleanup and Disposal: Water damage cleanup begins as soon as the threat has passed. This phase also covers appropriate waste disposal.
  5. Documentation: Every stage of the water damage disaster is thoroughly documented from discovery and response to containment and clean-up. Photographs, along with documentation may be required for financial assistance or even before the clean-up and disposal can begin.

Emergency Classification

Correct classification of a crisis event allows you to work effectively with local emergency services and properly plan your response.

Level 1 Emergency – this event is only going to impact the immediate area surrounding the epicenter. This may include, for example, a burst mains pipe that’s flooding the ground floor of your property.

Level 2 Emergency – this is a bigger scale disaster, and might impact the safety of buildings and people within an area of around 500 m2. An event of this scale may include a chemical spill or major gas leak.

Level 3 Emergency – this is an extremely serious incident that can impact people and property more than 500 meters away. This could be a major wildfire, a huge flood or a widespread terrorist attack. This may require that individuals in neighboring towns are evacuated.

Important elements in the Disaster Management Plan

Every emergency is different, but all disaster management programs have some key elements in common. Keeping these in mind will help us to mitigate the harm to property as well as maximize the safety for anyone who’s involved.

  • Careful preparations and quick detection of an emergency.
  • Organized Response to the Event in addition to effective coordination with emergency services.
  • Proper allocation of available resources.
  • Effective emergency response activities, including containment and evacuation.
  • Fantastic communication between organizations and employees.
  • Review and Assessing the disaster in relation to the Emergency Management Plan.
  • Current training for all personnel.
Disaster Preparedness Plan

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