Little Rock, Arkansas

Historical Floods

Little Rock has experienced some worst floods over the past years, which have gone down the history books. Some of these floods caused water damage and a lot of destruction that can never be forgotten by the people of little rock because of the tremendous effects it has on the livelihoods of the residents.

Here are some of the historic floods that Little Rock has ever experienced.

Tornado of 1929

This is one of the historic F5 tornadoes that has ever hit Little Rock. The tornado caused a lot of flooding in the area that covered some miles. The destruction caused by the floods was so devastating, and it led to the outcry all over the place. It is one of the floods that will never be forgotten in the history of Little Rock because of its magnitude that ended up claiming the lives of at least 23 people.

The Great Flood of 1927

This is yet another destructive flood that was experienced in 1927. This flood will go down for many years in the history of Little Rock because it destroyed several properties. This flood was caused by the heavy rains experienced in the regions. Additionally, It was also after the melting of the ice. This means the ground was saturated with water. Due to the heavy rains experienced, the area started flooding. The floods covered a total area of 23.000 square miles and also caused the deaths of 250 people. More than 700.000 people were left homeless due to the floods. The rains went on for long, so it caused some significant flooding. It has then been one of the most enormous floods in the history of Little Rock. This is one of the floods that caused a lot of havoc among the people of Little Rock. It also destroyed many things, thus becoming the most costly flood in the history of Little Rock.

Floods of 1990

This is another flood that will always be in the history of Little Rock. It was caused by heavy rain, which led to one of the historic floodings in Little Rock. The floods lasted for over two weeks. Besides, the heavy rain caused the banks of the Arkansas River to burst, which led to the flooding of the area. The floods caused a lot of destruction to the property as well as claiming the lives of several people. It has then been known to be one of the worst floods in Little Rock.

Floods of 2015

This is the flood that was experienced in May 2015. It was caused by excessive rainfall that was experienced in that year. This flood can be compared to that of 1990. The rain was so heavy and accompanied by some thunderstorms. It caused some great destruction in Little Rock. The floods that were experienced were extreme. It is the worst flood ever experienced for the past 25 years because it caused the death of 15 people leaving more than 7000 people homeless.

Historic flooding 2019

In May and June 2019, residents of Little Rock, AR, and its surroundings experienced heavy rainfall that caused historic flooding. Between the 19th and the 21st of May, heavy rain occurred together with repeated thunderstorms. The natural disaster made the streams flood. The rising water levels in Oklahoma flowed into Arkansas on March 23, bursting three levees along with Arkansas River. The flood damage left several buildings inundated. Experts estimated that the flooding across the region caused damage worth over 3 billion dollars, and five people lost their lives.