Water Damage 24 Little Rock`s Coronavirus Cleaning Emergency Response Plan

Water Damage 24 Little Rock offers Coronavirus Cleaning Disinfection Emergency Response Plan for commercial facilities

The CDC reports U.S. cases of COVID-19 are quickly growing, with more than 427,460 cases being reported, as of 4/09/2020. Companies are certain to be impacted, particularly when you consider how infectious the virus has turned out to be. A single sick employee or customer can infect nearly everything at the center; from the countertops, they break their hands on to merchandise, money, and whatever else they come in contact with. This is particularly true once you think about the CDC’s announcement that symptoms might not appear for up to 14 days after exposure.

Businesses and organizations are strongly urged to have an emergency response plan in place. If there is any hint that a facility may have been contaminated with COVID-19, they need to have a plan of attack for decontaminating and sanitizing the center as soon as possible, allowing them to resume business as usual.

Water Damage 24 Little Rock is proud to offer a virus response team using the best equipment, chemicals, and procedures required to contaminate and sanitize all areas of your company. In addition to COVID-19, these services can help decrease the transmission of the flu and other viruses.

Emergency Commercial Cleaning and Decontamination Response Plan and Implementation Service

The CDC is actively encouraging businesses and organizations to create a strategy to reduce the spread of COVID-19 that includes regular cleaning and disinfection. However, this may not always work. Sometimes, a facility may become unexpectedly polluted, requiring the need for the facility to close and a plan for emergency commercial cleaning and decontamination to be implemented. Having an emergency response plan in place will decrease business disruption and downtime, permitting them to return to business as usual as soon as possible.

For commercial properties, an emergency response plan entails containing the affected regions, disinfecting, sanitizing, and deodorizing the area to eliminate all traces of the contaminant, and sanitizing the facility’s HVAC system. The disinfection process consists of 5 steps while using the most modern equipment and hospital grade chemicals.

Water Damage 24 Little Rock is right now providing Commercial Cleaning Disinfection Emergency Response Plans intended for Coronavirus Prevention and decontamination.

Whether you know or suspect your business was contaminated with coronavirus or any other kind of virus, our emergency response plan is the best way to ensure that your company is decontaminated and sanitized. These services are also available to any companies or organizations that are looking to offer their employees and/ or customers a secure, clean environment to work, shop, dine, and more.

Coronavirus Cleaning Disinfection Emergency Response Plan’s are Now Available for commercial facilities such as Factories, Manufacturing Centers, Offices, Gyms, Nursing Homes, Law Offices, Insurance Companies, Car Dealerships.

Water Damage 24 Little Rock work with businesses and commercial properties that have experienced an outbreak of the COVID-19 or who might be in danger of one. Any building that has public access, active traffic, and no containment measures in place may be at risk.

Contacting an expert disinfection and decontamination service instantly is essential for the protection of your employees, your family, and yourself.

We work with all sorts of companies, and no business is too large or small for us to disinfect, decontaminate, and make it safe again. Don’t take a chance with this virus, take every step you can to protect yourself and your employees, and place your faith in our trusted, highly trained building decontamination experts.

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Emergency Commercial Cleaning, Disinfection and Decontamination Service

Water Damage 24 Little Rock provides a fully comprehensive, step by step approach to deal with the aftermath of an outbreak, coronavirus building decontamination as well as providing highly effective, scientifically-backed preventative steps to keep you secure.

If you are worried that your property might be at risk of future infection, as the virus continues to spread at an exponential rate, then contact us now, for an initial phone consultation, free estimate and the rapid deployment of one of our teams of highly trained disinfection and decontamination teams.

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