Water Damage Live Event in Little Rock, AR

Water Damage Repair Trade Show and Seminar

Water damage is an alarming problem that has to be tackled promptly and that’s the reason why Water Damage 24 Little Rock is hosting a naturally-occurring convention in Little Rock Arkansas at 9:00 A.M. on July 2, 2020,  to educate the general public on restoring water-damaged structures. The owner of Water Damage 24 Little Rock, Mr. Dan Schmit, will be hosting the seminar along with experienced and certified technicians that deal with the restoration process. In this educational seminar, the general public will be made conscious of the risks of water damage and how Water Damage 24 Little Rock tackles it.

Water Damage 24 Little Rock Live Event

Most of the time water damage problems are taken very lightly by commercial or residential property owners since they don’t realize how much damage it may cause to their house in the long run. Mr. Dan Schmit of Water Damage 24 Little Rock, therefore, felt the need of creating awareness regarding the water damage fundamentals. There are many professional techniques for restoring water damage the right way. Water damage must be restored by IICRC certified professionals at the ideal time to avoid any future complications. As Mr. Dan Schmit said while briefing concerning the seminar, “Most of the property owners do not even realize how much damage an apparently minor water damage issue can cause to their construction.”

There is no other better way of learning about the water damage fundamentals than to attend a seminar held by the water damage restoration professionals themselves. Mr. Dan Schmit will be himself covering the water damage introduction topic, and some of the top experts from his group of IICRC certified technicians are going to supply an in-deep presentation on the water damage process and its restoration techniques in detail. The simple water damage restoration techniques like structural drying, extraction, mold removal, mitigation, and containment are usually unknown to the majority of the home and business owners, so the seminar can be a great opportunity for them to learn about these techniques from the professionals.

In the event, the trained and specialist speakers of the Water Damage 24 Little Rock Company will also speak on the safety concerns in detail. They will brief the attendees concerning the activities to deal with this nightmare. The speakers will make them know the key precaution they should take, rather than being frightened, to stop the damage increase further. Actions like locating the source of water leakage, attempting to shut off the source of water and power, moving furniture away from the damaged area, avoiding sewage-contaminated water can reduce the extension of damage before the professional help can reach them.

The highly skilled and professional staff at the Water Damage 24 Little Rock Company brings years of experience and experience in the field of disaster restoration services. It is a fully licensed and insured company that is committed to providing a fast answer within one hour in a crisis. They have been helping property owners recover from damage at their homes or businesses for more than 20 years. Each of their certified experts is committed to performing the clients’ projects efficiently and safely. For information, interested patrons can visit https://littlerock24.com/contact/or call Dan and his team of certified professionals everywhere at (501) 408-4062.

Mr. Dan Schmit created Water Damage 24 Little Rock in 2014, a certified restoration company that helps people in emergent and disastrous situations concerning fire and water damage to buildings. With an A+ business bureau rating, they are proudly serving the community by providing 24/7 emergency response and restoring homes damaged by storms, inadequate plumbing, or accidental fire damage. They also work with insurance companies to restore damaged homes to livable conditions with their team of highly qualified technicians. Water Damage 24 Little Rock provides a quick response of one-hour, and their state of the art machinery will rid you of your water damage problem forever!